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162 Elder Street, Hixton, WI 54635


The maps on the left side of this page shows our location. If you wish to print out directions, please click this link: Directions

(If you are not familiar with google maps, there are instructions below)

In Tab A, enter the address you are departing from. At this point you can either continue by clicking: Get Directions or you may choose several different forms of travel (located above tab A) You may also choose extra locations along or out of the way, and the ability to ignore highways and toll booths (click: Show Options to make this visible).

Now that you have clicked get directions, look to the upper right side of the screen below login, and click print, this will open a new screen where you can print only the directions, or the map as well if you checkmark: Include Large Map, when ready, click print and you are done. Thank you for your patience and have a safe trip!


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